C2PC Java Bindings (CJB)

Complete Documentation

The C2PC Java Bindings (CJB) allow Java programs to access C2PC's COM based APIs. In addition, CJB allows a Java Bean to be hosted in C2PC as a Map Injector. Below is a list of the supported API sets.

  • Address Book
  • Atlas
  • Comms
  • Convert
  • Gps
  • NavInput
  • Notifier
  • Overlays
  • Tms
  • TrackPlot

CJB includes at least one Jar file and a DLL for each API set listed above. The entire set is listed in the table below.

API set Jar file(s) DLL(s), EXE(s)
Binding Support com_moesol_bindings.jar com_moesol_bindings.dll
Java Map Injector Support jtcw_c2pc_bindings_ole.jar JavaMapInjector.exe
Address Book jtcw_c2pc_bindings_address_book.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_address_book.dll
Atlas jtcw_c2pc_bindings_atlas.jar




Comms jtcw_c2pc_bindings_comms.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_comms.dll
Convert jtcw_c2pc_bindings_convert.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_convert.dll
Gps jtcw_c2pc_bindings_gps.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_gps.dll
NavInput jtcw_c2pc_bindings_nav_input.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_nav_input.dll
Notifier jtcw_c2pc_bindings_notifier.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_notifier.dll
Overlays jtcw_c2pc_bindings_overlays.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_overlays.dll
Tms jtcw_c2pc_bindings_tms.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_tms.dll
TrackPlot jtcw_c2pc_bindings_track_plot.jar jtcw_c2pc_bindings_track_plot.dll

Most of the Javadoc documentation for CJB was automatically generated from information embedded in the COM/OLE Type Libraries used to generate the bindings.

CJB allows you to create C2PC Map Injectors entirely in Java. Building a Java Map Injector using CJB is documented here.

CJB uses jSegue (http://jsegue.sourceforge.net) to provide the Java to COM/OLE bridge. Thus, this documentation refers to jSegue documentation to cover Java to COM/OLE bridging topcis such as how COM/OLE types are mapped into Java types and how COM Apartment Threads can be created and used.

Finally, CJB is used in the implementation of the C2PC ICSF Interface Layer (CIIL) and the XIS Interface Layer. If you are porting an application from ICSF to C2PC or XIS to C2PC you might be interested in using all or part of CIIL and/or XIL. In fact, you can mix and match the APIs to gain access to C2PC only features.

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