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Phoenix GCCS J Prototype

Our development team worked on several Command and Control (C2) client visualization efforts.  These efforts were heavily focused on geospatial display of Track & Intel data, including the underlying Map Layer and Common Map API technologies.  Our objective was to share technical knowledge among this community and create a Command and Control (C2) client application visualization framework that can be built once and shared across government C2 programs.  This framework was provided via modern web standards including HTML5 and addressed a variety of form factors including large-screen operations center applications as well as mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones.


In addition, the GCCS-J prototype development of enterprise services for the consumption, decoding & encoding, analysis, correlation, fusion, and distribution of C2 data utilizing Big Data techniques & technologies and cloud patterns including Platform & Infrastructure as a Service (PaaS / IaaS).  Those services supported processing of information on both the classified and unclassified networks and explored potential mobile use cases including warnings and alert notifications.


The development efforts informed, accelerated and integrated with existing Data Virtualization Layer (DVL) / Data Fabric initiatives and Web Client development efforts.

In Depth Command & Control Experience:

- Experienced with entire stack from server communications protocols through human-factor

engineered information displays.

- Extensive experience with operational use.

- User experience and system functions seamlessly integrated, you don't have to fight the tool, you fight the fight.


Expert Agile Programming:

- Deep pool of expert programmers with long familiarity in C2.

- Automated tools with automated testing.

- Continuous test and build finds errors early in process, keeping costs low.

- Jenkins, Sonar, Jira, & Git.


Open Source:

- All Moebius code is released to the government.

- No license fees.

- No recurring costs.

- Contributed jSeque & geoserver-sync.

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