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jSegue is a toolset for making Java bindings to native code. Some of the tools are specific to Windows such as tlb2java. Other tools, such as h-gen, are potentially operating system independent, but have not yet been tested against any other operating system.

tlb2java generates Java and JNI code to call COM Ole Automation servers. tlb2java extracts interfaces, dual interfaces, dispatch interfaces, coclasses, typedefs, and enumerations from COM type-libraries.

h-gen generates C++ code to make JNI programming easier. It generates C++ classes that proxy for Java classes. Furthermore, if the Java classes generated have native methods h-gen generates stub methods to make implementing the native methods easier and more type safe.

Finally, jSegue includes some pre-generated bindings. There are partial bindings to the Windows PlatformSDK including access to HDC, HMENU, HBITMAP, etc. It also includes pre-generated code for accessing ADO and DAO.

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