Moebius Solutions, Inc.

C2PC ICSF Interface Layer (CIIL)

CIIL allows applications that were originally targeted to run with ICSF to run with C2PC. CIIL appears as a C2PC Map Injector. When the injector is active ICSF menu items that do not duplicate C2PC functionality appear merged into the C2PC menu bar.

CIIL can also be used at the component level. It provides an API translation layer for the Ifl, Jm, Jmv and Tms APIs. CIIL can be mixed with CJB so that you do not have to port your existing Ifl, Jm, Jmv or Tms calls to their CJB equivalents. The Ifl, Jm, Jmv and Tms API mappings handle this for you. Using these mappings can be more convenient than direct CJB coding because you do not have to know about COM conventions such as apartment model threading.

These are links to the documentation included with CIIL:

If you are using both CIIL and CJB you will want to make sure the versions you are using are compatible. You can find a version matrix here.

We are making our releases available on the SPAWAR open source site